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0008668Talerwallet (iOS App)public2024-04-08 16:23
Reporterbernaalp Assigned Tosebasjm  
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Product Version0.9.4 
Summary0008668: Bank error when confirming the test kudos
I am sorry if this is a duplicate but I could not figure out if this bug was already reported. I downloaded the Taler Wallet app on iOS version: 17.4.1.

when I clicked on the confirm transfer of test kudos, a window opened in safari, then i got the error attached pic, but then I did have the find the 25.00 kudos in my balance in the App. Therefore, I am not entirely sure if it is due to lack of "bank" or an error, nevertheless confusing.

Feel free to delete it if it is a duplicate. Thank you.
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Bank.jpeg (206,847 bytes)   



2024-03-31 19:33

developer   ~0022075

I cannot upload the screen recording due to size limitation :( Let me know if you still need it.


2024-03-31 19:35

developer   ~0022076

Additional screenshots - i think the issue is resolved, because I did not get the same prompts or the browser screen where it is complaining about the bank/operation.
IMG_3866.PNG (208,039 bytes)   
IMG_3866.PNG (208,039 bytes)   


2024-04-08 16:23

developer   ~0022153

I deleted the TestFlight screenshots since they have nothing to do with this issue.
Also, the problem is not the iOS app, but the banking website didn't find the tx.
Not reproducible.

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