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0008634Talerdeployment and operationspublic2024-04-15 21:32
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Summary0008634: Apply version control to /etc folder -
DescriptionEither with directory binding and git, or with the configuring properly the etckeeper program.
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2024-03-13 13:39

administrator   ~0021885

After doing some tests on this. I don't like bind-mount. As we are using a VPS and not physical server, so dealing with partitions (lsblk), and editing the /etc/fstab complicates too much things. I even lost the ssh access with the test server when doing the mount --bind.

Using etckeeper is simple, but I don't like it neither:
1) Touches the original /etc, creating a .git folder inside
2) Even though you can enable a systemd timer for this program to work (which is nice), and avoid to use cronjobs, in the end, after each edition of the /etc, you will have
automatic daily commits, with random names, which eventually won't be helpful for recovery.
3) You can't use GIT as usual, but have to use specific etckeeper command syntax every time.

I am thinking on using hard symlinks from an external /root/etc-maintenance folder to the real /etc, but as far as I have tried GIT doesn't track symlinks even if they are hard ones.
So I will keep going to think a better solution. For the moment no danger at all with the server, as I have created a snapshot from the provider control panel,so we can rollback that at any time.

I have learnt in this process, that rush is not good, and I am very happy to see that even though I have been requested to do this in a way, I have decided to wait and further investigate.

Thus I will keep doing some research to see if I can find a nice solution for this in combination with GIT, as to end up using etckeeper, there is always time.

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-18 12:19

manager   ~0021942

Please only assign as 'feedback' if there is any open issue/question to be addressed. Otherwise, you should probably just resolve!

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