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0008500Talerwallet (WebExtension)public2024-03-07 20:51
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned Tosebasjm  
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Target Version0.9.4Fixed in Version0.9.4 
Summary0008500: improve UX when doing a withdrawal with conversion
DescriptionWhen multiple bank accounts are available, there is a next button. Only *sometimes* there are buttons for other accounts at the button. They tend to appear/disappear.

Generally the whole part of the UI is a bit cluttered. We should polish it up a bit (maybe harmonize between different wallets), because it'll be used a lot for NetzBon.
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2024-02-28 16:56

developer   ~0021558

The only way I can reproduce this is having 2 accounts: one with conversion and another without conversion.

The "next" button show another account.
The currency button allow to change between the 2 available currencies given the conversion info.

The number of account is unbounded clicking in the next button will allow the user to iterate, I'm not using a "tab" layout since it will not work with a long list of exchange accounts.

I will add more info about what the button do to make it less confusing but this is the expected behavior

Florian Dold

2024-03-01 12:14

manager   ~0021600

See below.

* Sometimes only the "next" button is present.
* Currency labels are inconsistent (different converted/amount switched)
* Too much visual clutter for such an important, very user facing screen
* Receiver name only in payto URI, but EU/CH banks require the user to enter it


2024-03-01 17:17

developer   ~0021607


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