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0008251Talerwallet-corepublic2024-04-15 21:32
ReporterChristian Grothoff Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
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Target Version0.10Fixed in Version0.10 
Summary0008251: P2P payments fail strangely when exchange global fees are not configured
DescriptionI had an exchange where the 'global fees' were not set up. The wallet should not even TRY to do P2P payments, as it has no fees (via /keys).

Instead, it tries, and the exchange logs:

 `/purses/0RGFWN65HJVR4J2NG6PP1V8VSH4WYXXR4J9W4KZ5GTSAZ3B8STYG/create' completed with HTTP status 500
.. Create purse: global fees not configured!

Which is kind-of OK, we can argue about this being 500 or 400. Anyway, the wallet NEVERTHELESS proceeds and shows a QR code.
Scanning the QR code then results in a 404 "contract not found". The wallet should handle the case better where the exchange returns errors (do not continue anyway!) and should probably not allow P2P payments if they are not configured!
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Florian Dold

2024-01-29 13:10

manager   ~0021073

It's rather unclear that the main indicator for "p2p payments are not supported/configured" is the "purse_fee" field.

IMO to do this properly, wallet-core needs to communicate the features that the exchange supports to the UI (via flags in the ExchangeEntry when exchanges are listed/queried).

@Christian can you please:
* confirm that purse_fee in global_fees is indeed the best/primary/only indicator that p2p payments are disabled
* check whether there are other obvious exchange features that can be enabled/disabled and that wallet-core needs to flag to the UIs for good UX?

Christian Grothoff

2024-01-29 14:59

manager   ~0021075

Not specifically the 'purse_fee' field, but the existence of any entry in the global_fees array for the current time (between start_date and end_date) should be used. The other features to be enabled/disabled would related to extensions, which are currently not implemented. But in the future, extensions would fall into this category. You probably also should signal the 'asset_type' from /keys, as that may determine how the UI does render things.

Florian Dold

2024-03-27 19:03

manager   ~0022011

commit 30e5b7f6bf6fe7810f3fe0778e203b0e54d34b40 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Florian Dold <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 19:03:26 2024 +0100

    wallet-core: report more info about (missing) fees

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