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0008138Talerdocumentationpublic2024-03-07 20:51
Reporterdvn Assigned Todvn  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.9.4Fixed in Version0.9.4 
Summary0008138: Setup CI for Taler Ops site
DescriptionTaler Ops Site requires a CI pipeline which should test that the pages build successfully.

The CI jobs will be added to `contrib/ci/` in
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2024-01-19 18:12

developer   ~0020929

taler-ops-www.git is missing the shared-www submodule


2024-01-20 11:17

developer   ~0020935

Now the /inc folder is in the git as it should. Cheers, Stefan


2024-01-21 18:41

developer   ~0020943

In case that the site still does not build like it should, the reason might be the missing folder /modules in the hidden ./git which was not added at the time of the repository creation.

In case the site builds well, we can renounce on the said folder as it has no effects on the function.

Please be so kind to report whether this is an issue - that now can be solved.


2024-01-22 13:33

developer   ~0020950

I added several hidden files that were excluded at repo creation time. Please test now if the index page of taler-ops-www is rendered fine. Thank you.
After a positive feedback I will try to get Weblate working with the git repo.


2024-01-22 14:25

developer   ~0020953

Thank you. I'm following up on this today. I'll let you know what I find.


2024-01-23 16:57

developer   ~0020988

Weblate is working with the git repo and syncs nicely.
At least on my machine the index page of taler-ops-www gets build in /rendered.


2024-02-19 08:43

developer   ~0021361

Hi Devan, are you able to follow up on this issue, too, if your time allows to do so? It might be a good deal to have that up and running until Thursday and it is not only me who would be glad to see the domain online.

Except for merchants.html (which is still work-in-progress on my desk) all pages are rendering nicely.



2024-02-19 10:08

developer   ~0021362

On my list for this week. Will get to it today or tomorrow at latest.


2024-02-22 11:22

developer   ~0021446


A build job runs `make install` in a debian bookworm container which has all the dependencies inside.

Commits are currently not triggering the buildbot, so I've requested the appropriate changes to the gitolite config.


2024-02-22 13:03

developer   ~0021449

javisep adjusted the gitolite config accordingly

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