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0008011Talerspecificationpublic2024-03-07 20:47
Reportersebasjm Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Product Version0.9.4 
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Summary0008011: return list of trusted exchange in /config
Descriptioncurrently after finish instance setup the merchant needs to setup the bank account.
right now merch backoffice SPA allows to configure any type of bank account but this should be filtered by the list of accepted wire target from trusted exchange

and this information should be exposed by merchant /config
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2023-12-16 05:41

developer   ~0020766

the create reserve form requires the user to type the exchange base url.

we can use the list of trusted exchange exposed by /config to preset the list with the most common exchange where merchants are going to create reserve for reward

Christian Grothoff

2023-12-17 01:27

manager   ~0020771

Well, returning the list of configured exchange URLs is trivial, but giving you the associated wire methods is a completely different story, as that can (1) change, (2) be unavailable if an exchange is down or we simply did not yet get a response.

/config is IMO supposed to be *static* and instantly available, not something that changes dynamically (modulo restarts of the service after uncommon configuration changes). So I do not exactly like the idea of returning the wire methods here. I'm also not sure that it is even a good idea to not allow the user to configure a wire account merely because no exchange (currently!) supports this wire method, again for the same reason: it might just be that the exchange is temporarily unavailable!

Christian Grothoff

2023-12-17 15:17

manager   ~0020772

exchange URLs, master pubs and currencies are returned starting with protocol v6. Note that the wire methods are NOT returned, and I do not think they should be.

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