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0008005Talerexchangepublic2024-03-07 20:49
Reportersebasjm Assigned Tosebasjm  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.4 
Target Version0.9.4Fixed in Version0.9.4 
Summary0008005: wirewatch aborted after lost connection with db
Descriptionevery other component kept working

2023-12-08T06:34:48.273180-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 INFO Change in PQ event FD to -1
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273192-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 INFO New poll FD is -1
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273676-0300 pq-192292 ERROR Database connection to 'postgresql://localhost:5432/exchange' failed: connection to s
erver at "localhost" (::1), port 5432 failed: Connection refused
        Is the server running on that host and accepting TCP/IP connections?
connection to server at "localhost" (, port 5432 failed: Connection refused
        Is the server running on that host and accepting TCP/IP connections?

2023-12-08T06:34:48.273696-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 INFO Starting transaction `begin_shard'
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273709-0300 pq-192292 ERROR Failed to execute `START TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE': (null)/(null)//PGRES_FATAL_ERROR/
connection pointer is NULL
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273718-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 ERROR Failed to start transaction
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273725-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 ERROR Assertion failed at pg_start.c:51.
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273733-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 ERROR Assertion failed at pg_begin_shard.c:48.
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273740-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 ERROR Failed to obtain starting point for montoring from database!
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273757-0300 pq-192292 ERROR PQprepare (`UPDATE work_shards SET last_attempt=0 WHERE job_name=$1 AND start_row=$2 AND end_ro
w=$3;' as `abort_shard') failed with error: connection pointer is NULL

2023-12-08T06:34:48.273770-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 ERROR Assertion failed at pg_abort_shard.c:43.
2023-12-08T06:34:48.273784-0300 taler-exchange-wirewatch-192292 WARNING Failed to abort work shard on shutdown
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Christian Grothoff

2023-12-13 05:05

manager   ~0020746

Eh, this looks like perfectly expected behavior. Note that we *expect* all components to be automatically re-started by systemd, and here we seem to have had a mid-shard hard transaction failure, which actually likely requires manual repair via taler-exchange-dbinit -s to resume nicely in a timely fashion. So I'm not sure any change is needed here.

Christian Grothoff

2023-12-13 05:42

manager   ~0020748

(oh, and this is not a crash: the program merely shuts down, and as it cannot cleanly tell the DB that it is done, it complains ;))


2023-12-13 12:31

developer   ~0020750


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