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0007977Talerqtartpublic2023-11-14 01:01
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
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Target Versionpost-1.0 
Summary0007977: unfair task scheduling
DescriptionIn the quickjs Taler runtime, tasks are sometimes not scheduled fairly. In js_os_poll, whenever there is an expired timer, the timer callback is executed, and event polling is resumed.

That means that if there is *always* a timer scheduled (for example because we're stuck in some endless async loop that schedules some callback with timout=0), some events (such as host messages) will *never* be handled.

Instead, the event handling should be made fairer. If the last polled event was a timer, other types of events should probably be considered first.

Or alternatively, all events that are ready should have their reactions executed. This must be done carefully to not mess with the GC.

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