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0007939Talermerchant frontend (blog)public2023-09-14 21:21
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Summary0007939: refund of article fails
DescriptionError encountered
Item not refundable (anymore)

Backend response:

{'wire_reports': [], 'exchange_code': 0, 'exchange_http_status': 0, 'exchange_ec': 0, 'exchange_hc': 0, 'deposit_total': 'KUDOS:0', 'contract_terms': {'amount': 'KUDOS:0.5', 'extra': {'article_name': 'The_Problems_with_older_versions_of_the_Apple_Public_Source_License_-APSL-'}, 'fulfillment_url': '', 'public_reorder_url': '', 'summary': 'Essay: The Problems with older versions of the Apple Public Source License (APSL)', 'wire_transfer_deadline': {'t_s': 1694717108}, 'products': [], 'h_wire': 'TNZNZM4NSTGEJWPSMV8D00R8S5B6TMBKKHAWP956RTQB0KA3TAP99CWB5JGMVJJNPDK7T812VWPFHR2P3DWCZMPZQDDQSSG3MHWEQH8', 'wire_method': 'iban', 'order_id': '2023.257-0147QNSQMAYYP', 'timestamp': {'t_s': 1694716658}, 'refund_deadline': {'t_s': 1694716778}, 'pay_deadline': {'t_s': 1694720258}, 'max_wire_fee': 'KUDOS:1', 'max_fee': 'KUDOS:1', 'wire_fee_amortization': 1, 'merchant_base_url': '', 'merchant': {'name': 'GNU Taler', 'address': {}, 'jurisdiction': {}}, 'merchant_pub': 'F59GRTB78ZAX0AS77WMQWFSDKT0Z4ST5GVA86ZN9JS8DY39PXKXG', 'exchanges': [{'url': '', 'priority': 1024, 'master_pub': '1SQ43RNRCB80YH58YYEH8KQKXMZNEMPA2J2CZSQN4XSWJZ40675G'}], 'nonce': 'AKH4ECWVVRNXQ9RKA1JCNQZQPHEJ8VB7RQ5ND96QN6MAN19694WG'}, 'order_status': 'paid', 'refunded': False, 'wired': False, 'refund_pending': False, 'refund_amount': 'KUDOS:0', 'wire_details': [], 'refund_details': [], 'order_status_url': ''}
Steps To Reproduce1. buy essay in demo store
2. click refund
3. the refund fails

when i open the article again, it says:

Taler allows merchants to offer refunds to customers. This article can't be refunded anymore.


i tried it again with another article:

same steps. but the error looks different (see second screenshot)

Digital cash refund
Could not load the status of the term of service

Wallet operation "startRefundQueryForUri" failed
less info
  "context": [],
  "cause": {
    "details": {
      "code": 7001,
      "when": {
        "t_ms": 1694718914655
      "hint": "unexpected exception (message: no purchase found, can't refund)",
      "stack": "Error: no purchase found, can't refund\n at chrome-extension://millncjiddlpgdmkklmhfadpacifaonc/dist/background.js:26437:13\n at (<anonymous>)\n at fulfilled (chrome-extension://millncjiddlpgdmkklmhfadpacifaonc/dist/background.js:48:24)"

the article page says it got refunded, but i did not get the money back

GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!! (*angry customer noise*)
Additional Informationthe error message is not very useful for the average user
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2023-09-14 21:21


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