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0007928libmicrohttpddocumentationpublic2023-09-03 00:30
Reporterkisaragi-hiu Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Product Version0.9.75 
Target VersionGit master 
Summary0007928: Incorrect direntry in libmicrohttpd-tutorial.texi making it unaccessable from Info directory
DescriptionThe direntry of libmicrohttpd-tutorial is

  * libmicrohttpdtutorial: (libmicrohttpd). A tutorial for GNU libmicrohttpd.

But this will cause Info to open the file "libmicrohttpd", which is the manual, not the tutorial.

It should be

  * libmicrohttpdtutorial: (libmicrohttpd-tutorial). A tutorial for GNU libmicrohttpd.

Steps To Reproduce- Open Info
- Press C-s and search for libmicrohttpd
- Use C-n and C-p to navigate to the line for the tutorial
- Press RET to open it
- Notice it opened the manual, and not the tutorial

You can also use the command `info "(libmicrohttpd-tutorial)Top"` to verify that the tutorial indeed exists, and it's just an error with the dir entry.
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Christian Grothoff

2023-09-03 00:29

manager   ~0020469

Fix committed to master branch.

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libmicrohttpd: master 438c3ee2

2023-09-03 02:29

Christian Grothoff

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