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0007904GNUnetmessenger servicepublic2024-03-18 17:47
ReporterBlackadder Assigned Tothejackimonster  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS Version5.14.21
Product Version0.19.4 
Fixed in Version0.21.1 
Summary0007904: Flathub: GNUnet Messenger (Messenger-GTK) flatpak is still v0.7.0
DescriptionThe "GNUnet Messenger" flatpak offered at flathub is still based on Messenger-GTK v0.7.0, although Messenger-GTK v0.8.0 was already released 6 months ago:
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2023-08-06 22:20

developer   ~0020413

The issue is only visually because and the store use file under "resources/org.gnunet.Messenger.appdata.xml" from the repository to show metadata of the package as well as the version. However I didn't update that file before tagging the release of 0.8.0. So the file still shows 0.7.0.

The flatpak however does still contain all changes from the release 0.8.0. Next release hopefully I don't mess up the process. ^^'


2024-03-18 13:14

developer   ~0021943

The flatpak on Flathub is on 0.9.0 now and the version visible in UI will always represent the version of the build. So the issue is fixed.

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