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0007864TalerWeb site(s)public2023-09-28 13:22
ReporterMarcS Assigned Tojavier.sepulveda  
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Summary0007864: The Link in "Step 4: Check money flow" doesn't work
DescriptionStep 4: Check money flow
You can see the wire transfers from the escrow account of the exchange to the merchants on the public accounts page of the bank.
Note that only accounts configured to be publicly viewable are shown on that page.

There's a link at "public accounts page", which should lead to the, well, public accounts page of the bank. But clicking this does nothing...
Steps To ReproduceGo to
Click on the link at "public accounts page" of the bank in Step 4: Check money flow
nothing happens
Go to
Click on the link at "public accounts page" of the bank in Step 4: Check money flow
you are linked to "", which also is not the public accounts page of the bank, but at least it's the bank...
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duplicate of 0007426 confirmed "public-accounts" link points at bank's homepage 



2023-08-02 13:12

developer   ~0020388 is running v0.9.3-dev.1, Feb 24
this was fixed in 6fa8d80b8d6873935ab14956b4ba62932bdd2a14, Apr 27

the url should point to the bank and the python code adds the #public-accounts at the end.

In seems to point to which is a bad configuration in the deployment of TALER_ENV_URL_BANK

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