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0007688Talerlibeufin-bank-ui (SPA)public2023-09-23 15:09
Reportersebasjm Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.9.3Fixed in Version0.9.3 
Summary0007688: withdrawing from bank with amount less or equal than withdraw fee fails
Descriptionshould be bank check or have a configuration to not allow withdrawing an amount that does not make sense.

NOTE: withdrawal fee is a configuration in the exchange that the bank should be aware of
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Christian Grothoff

2023-02-13 21:10

manager   ~0019829

Well, theoretically the exchange exposes this via /keys, but it's not something we can reasonably expect banks to query.
And even with tight integration, the customer could always be sending the money to another exchange that isn't the one that is

Finally, I think this is largely a demo issue: in practice, the smallest units customers would bother to transfer will be larger, and it's OK if the *wallet* is then the one that fails. But, I think we should:
1) make sure the wallet generates a NICE error message (this amount is insanely tiny, try something larger), and
2) Change the demo to have libeufin refuse transfers less than 0.01 KUDOS (if it doesn't yet, didn't check), and
3) Change the demo to make 0.01 KUDOS the smallest coin/unit/fee instead of 0.1 KUDOS.

That way, we can still test that the wallet complains if the amount is just 0.01 KUDOS (so we can still test the error), but it is unlikely that users would stumble over it unless they are _trying_ extreme cases.



2023-02-14 15:57

developer   ~0019837

Sandox needs to be configured with a default exchange, that when it make sense to check for this value.
We can make the libeufin sandbox
1.- check which is the minimum amount to be withdrawn with taler when the default exchange is added
2.- provide a way to add this configuration using libeufin cli

Either way, it should be provided to the bank ui in some way. I think this is better that the bankui checking directly to the exchange.


2023-02-14 15:57

developer   ~0019838

cc @ms


2023-02-14 16:21

reporter   ~0019839

I agree that banks should be as unaware as possible about Taler specific aspects, even with tight integration.

Florian Dold

2023-04-04 12:00

manager   ~0020006

A real-world deployment of the bank also would not know anything about the denomination structure of the exchange. But the real-world would not allow sub-cent transfers. And the exchange will very, very likely know this and have to adjust the denomination structure accordingly.

In summary, it makes sense for the behavior of the demobank to be close to what we would expect a real bank to do, and thus it doesn't make sense to add any exchange-specific checks in here.

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