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0007432GNUnetreclaimpublic2022-12-08 06:43
Reporterbfix Assigned Toschanzen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.18.1 
Target Version0.19.0Fixed in Version0.19.0 
Summary0007432: Size/alignment Issues with fields in RECLAIM_ATTRIBUTE and RECLAIM_CREDENTIALS
DescriptionLength fields in the records are not set according to LSD0002 specification and cause reclaim to crash when displaying RECLAIM_CREDENTIAL entries.
Steps To Reproduce$ gnunet-identity -C user
$ gnunet-reclaim -e user -a email -V "me@example.gnunet"
$ gnunet-reclaim -e user -D
email: ``me@example.gnunet'' (STRING); ID: J1PVVBN8...W5KR79Y0
$ gnunet-reclaim -e user --credential-name="email" --credential-type="JWT" --value="ey..."
$ gnunet-reclaim -e user --credentials
2022-11-04T14:03:19.733744+0000 gnunet-reclaim-404 ERROR Assertion failed at reclaim_api.c:812.
2022-11-04T14:03:19.733822+0000 util-mq-404 ERROR Received malformed message of type 979
2022-11-04T14:03:19.733832+0000 gnunet-reclaim-404 WARNING External protocol violation detected at mq.c:195.
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gnunet: master e22c4a47

1970-01-01 02:00

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RECLAIM: Fix length field inconsistencies in IPC protocol. Issue 0007432 Affected Issues
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2022-12-05 11:23 schanzen Target Version 0.18.2 => 0.19.0
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