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0007334Talerwallet (Android App)public2022-10-20 12:00
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Summary0007334: UX Study: user fails to identify QR button
DescriptionIn the UX study today, one of the users had trouble to identify the QR button as the place to initiate interactions with QR codes.

We should discuss how we can make it easier to discover the button's functionality for first-time users.

Note: We had similar issues with the QR-Code button and URI-entry discoverability in the WebExtension.
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Christian Grothoff

2022-09-08 20:38

manager   ~0019106

One user suggested labeling the button "Payment" (which of course is not quite correct, as it can do more). I think "scan QR code" would be good, but maybe better to show a big hint (scan Taler QR codes to pay, withdraw, ...) as long as the balance is empty and we don't have much to show anyway?

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