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0007311libeufindemo frontendpublic2022-11-07 16:13
ReporterChristian Grothoff Assigned Tosebasjm  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
Target Version0.9.0 
Summary0007311: balance not immediately updated after withdraw
DescriptionAfter withdrawing from the demo, the balance shown on top in the bank page is still the 'old' one (say 100 KUDOS), even though the transaction history below already shows the successful withdrawal. Upon reload (F5) the correct balance is shown. The balance should update immediately.
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duplicate of 0007412 resolvedsebasjm balance and transaction history changes not immediately updated after operation 



2022-11-07 16:13

developer   ~0019377

fixed, when the withdrawal uri change (internal state) it will trigger a mutate on the cache, query again the backend and update the balance state on the spa

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