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0007305Talerwallet (TS core)public2022-09-02 15:37
Reportersebasjm Assigned Tosebasjm  
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Versiongit (master) 
Summary0007305: can't pay an order without age restriction (excgabge wutg age restriction denoms enabled)
DescriptionI have this setup

taler-wallet-cli 0.9.0-dev.2-4ca38113
taler-exchange-httpd v0.8.5-git-a199ba7f
taler-merchant-httpd v0.8.4-git-1a627443
libeufin-cli, version 0.0.1-dev.1

the exchange has denominations with age_restricted = yes

When trying to pay an order without age restriction I get an error from the merchant

  "code": 7005,
  "hint": "Unexpected HTTP status (400) in response",
  "requestUrl": "http://merchant-backend.taler:9966/orders/2022.234-W09HC1QM145G6/pay",
  "httpStatusCode": 400,
  "errorResponse": {
    "hint": "The payment required no minimum age but one of the coins (of a denomination with support for age restriction) did not provide the required h_age_commitment.",
    "code": 2174,

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2022-08-22 17:43

developer   ~0019022

cc @oec


2022-08-23 17:09

developer   ~0019029

Mhh, commit aff3100d8901fe16a7e635945edfdad6f08fdf37 in wallet-core should have fixed that. Do you have any debug output (details of the coins in the wallet f.e.)?


2022-08-30 17:31

developer   ~0019075

I will try to reproduce this issue again and add more information.


2022-09-02 15:34

developer   ~0019078

I couldn't reproduce the issue with the latest commit from master 9fe0e742
then I saw @florian commit it's about age restr and it seems that that fixed the issue


2022-09-02 15:37

developer   ~0019079

I have also tested on ec43b6a5 and it did reproduce the issue
(withdraw and pay an order without age restriction)

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