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0007291Talerwallet (WebExtension)public2023-01-26 22:53
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Summary0007291: explain the fee structure when choosing an exchange
Descriptionuser should be able to choose the exchange and compare the fee of all operations
additionally the privacy policy and terms of service should be accessible

an example of design has been attached
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related to 0007467 confirmed have more than one exchange in demo 



2022-08-19 20:37

developer   ~0019020

In our example there is the implicit assumption that both exchanges (when doing a comparison) are going to have the same denomination value.
When they do, we can have one row with the denomination value and two columns (exchange1's fee and exchange2's fee) to compare.
When they don't, we will have some rows with empty cells.

I will stay with this design for now but maybe we can find a better one.


2022-12-20 19:23

developer   ~0019526

fixed a160f3151440106f5dcee11e2c3af2a4d8ed036e

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