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0007260GNUnetmessenger servicepublic2022-06-13 21:34
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Product Version0.17.0 
Summary0007260: Implement function to drop relay capability
DescriptionCurrently the messenger service only allows to switch your peer into relay mode but there's no function to turn this off without leaving the messenger room. However this should be implemented to dynamically adjust devices in a messenger room depending on power draw, battery state or member count in the chat.
Additional Information- There should always be a minimum amount of relay peers in a messenger room to not loose connectivity.
- Peers should only be allowed to switch their state of relay mode regarding to some kind of token (for example a specific time slot). This secures that not all peers switch of relay capability at once and loose connection.
- Peers should only be able to turn off relay capability of themselves (the peer identity should be used for signing those messages -> this makes it completely independent of member IDs and such). [Maybe the current peer messages should even be altered! -> Adding a signature of the peer identity!]
- Guests of a relay peer should be prepared to switch connection.
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