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0007209Talerdeployment and operationspublic2022-11-04 20:53
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Summary0007209: Consider using SystemD 'slice' for taler-local.
DescriptionPlease document the advantages of this solution before proceeding with the implementation.
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2022-04-13 18:30

developer   ~0018869

To use the slice feature of systemd we need a .slice definition (or more than one) based on the service resource usage and limits.

We may have one global taler.service definition which limits the CPU, memory and IO but the correct approach will be to take some time an check any of the systemd options and generate a reference implementation for the services.

This configuration heavly depends on the destination hardware and deployment strategy but maybe we can create a reference implementation with some general rules for example: *-secmod should not be using network, greater CPU priority for exchange than merchant-backend

For the case of 'taler-local':
 * .slice files need to be created
 * the body of the function `unit_file_content` (line 1054) should add the reference to the `.slice`
 * `unit_file_content` should receive the name of the slice for the service

Slice example:

file: taler-exchange.slice
Description=Slice for taler exchange


file: taler-secmod.slice
Description=Slice for taler secmod rsa,edd


Then the services need to reference the slice config

file: taler-local-exchange-httpd.service
Description=Taler Exchange HTTP daemon

file: taler-local-exchange-secmod-rsa.service
Description=Taler Exchange RSA security module


2022-04-26 04:11

developer   ~0018895

do we need more info?

Christian Grothoff

2022-07-17 17:03

manager   ~0018958

Fixed in acb9cfec..93b45e62

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