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0007197libmicrohttpdlibmicrohttpd multi-threaded operationpublic2022-03-17 21:29
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Product Version0.9.75 
Summary0007197: MHD_USE_ITC is disabled w/o MHD_USE_INTERNAL_POLLING_THREAD

I'm using MHD in one thread and let it do all the select()-stuff through MHD_run_wait().

Also, I'm passing MHD_USE_ITC to MHD_start_daemon() because daemon->itc is used in MHD_resume_connection() to immediately wake up the select().

However, in MHD_start_daemon() the MHD_USE_ITC-flag is reset if MHD_USE_INTERNAL_POLLING_THREAD isn't set.

Thanks and keep up the good work,
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