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0007194GNUnetmessenger servicepublic2022-03-19 18:11
Reporterthejackimonster Assigned Tothejackimonster  
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Target Version0.16.2Fixed in Version0.16.2 
Summary0007194: Error at leaving messenger room
DescriptionI encountered this problem using the messenger-gtk GUI application trying out the new "leave chat" button, I implemented. The room seem to get closed but a new room without any information shows up in the GUI. I assume any message gets through after leaving (potentially the leave-message). However this is not intended in either the service or the libgnunetchat library.

So there has to be an issue and it indicates that it lies in the service.
Steps To ReproduceOpening a messenger room, joining with two different identities, writing a message and leaving the room with one of them (identities).
Additional InformationHere is output from the messenger service log that day (potentially there is something else causing a warning on top):

2022-03-15T17:43:21.368545+0100 messenger-8433 WARNING Decoding decrypted message failed!
2022-03-15T19:06:55.232494+0100 messenger-19041 ERROR Assertion failed at container_multihashmap.c:366. Aborting.

On client side you only get the following:

2022-03-15T19:06:55.327117+0100 messenger-gtk-19025 ERROR MQ_Error: 1

The gnunet logs indicate a crash in the service (unsure if the room is left by the user after restart or not if the crash happens during this procedure):

2022-03-15T19:06:55.327244+0100 arm-19010 WARNING Service `messenger' terminated with status signal/6, will restart in 1 ms
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2022-03-15 23:58

developer   ~0018801

The commit b89df2053b1b0f9e33d676606546ac091a142e04 should fix this. The messenger service does not crash anymore when a member leaves a room. The member will still be totally removed and it's session cleared, invalidating all older messages. This might need to be adjusted in the future even though this is expected behavior from leaving a room.


2022-03-19 18:11

administrator   ~0018815


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