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0007157Talerexchangepublic2022-11-04 20:53
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.9Fixed in Version0.9 
Summary0007157: deposits: consider not allowing wire_transfer_deadline of "never"
DescriptionThe exchange currently allows deposits with wire transfer deadlines of "never".

This doesn't really make sense. Can we reject deposits with unreasonable wire transfer deadlines or at least truncate them to the deposit deadline of the denomination of the coin we're depositing?
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Christian Grothoff

2022-02-19 21:31

manager   ~0018702

Fixed in bc3ec563736d28ba73ae4db364086fc30132b730. Note that a 'coin' does not have a deposit deadline, so we cannot truncate to that.

Also, we can only sanely exclude 'forever', as other deadline may make sense. In fact, even 'forever' makes sense, as the transfer would still be triggered when the refund deadline has expired AND the merchant makes another deposit with a non-forever deadline (and aggregation would combine the two and pick the lesser deadline!).

However, most likely a deposit deadline of 'never' is a bug/mistake, and in practice merchants can achieve the same effect by using 100 years into the future or something similarly silly high. So I think forbidding 'never' in mechant API and exchange API is a good thing.

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