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0007147Talerdocumentationpublic2024-03-07 20:50
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Summary0007147: libeufin-{sandbox,nexus,cli} needs a manpage
DescriptionQuestion: Should it be part of the other Taler manpages?
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related to 0006696 assignedAntoine A discuss better structure for LibEuFin docs 
related to 0007168 closedMS remove non-Access-API command from libeufin-cli 



2022-01-11 13:26

developer   ~0018628

I've made a preliminary distillation of the command-line possibilities for libeufin-cli (attached).
Please take a look. I'll convert it to a proper manpage once it gets your approval.
command-line-possibilities (4,652 bytes)   
Distilled from libeufin-cli (HEAD == fc800dae22f656b378e31a5c2b14285043801918).

  users self -- Show information about authenticated user
  users list -- List users
  users USERNAME --new-password -- Change user's password (as superuser)
  users create USERNAME [--password PASSWORD] -- Create a new user

  permissions list -- Show permissions
  permissions grant SUBJECT-TYPE SUBJECT-ID RESOURCE-TYPE RESOURCE-ID PERMISSION-NAME -- Grant permission to a subject
  permissions revoke SUBJECT-TYPE SUBJECT-ID RESOURCE-TYPE RESOURCE-ID PERMISSION-NAME -- Revoke permission from a subject

  --sandbox-url -- URL for the sandbox

  connections get_key_letter CONNECTION-NAME OUTPUT-FILE -- Get key letter (typically PDF)
  connections export_backup CONNECTION-NAME --passphrase STRING --output-file FILENAME -- Export backup
  connections delete_connection CONNECTION-NAME -- Delete bank connection
  connections restore_backup CONNECTION-NAME --backup-file FILENAME --passphrase STRING -- Restore backup
  connections new_ebics_connection CONNECTION-NAME --ebics-url URL --host-id ID --partner-id ID --ebics-user-id ID -- Make new EBICS bank connection
  connections connect CONNECTION-NAME -- Initialize the bank connection
  connections import_bank_account CONNECTION-NAME --offered-account-id ID --nexus-bank-account-id ID -- Import one bank account, chosen from the downloaded ones
  connections download_bank_accounts CONNECTION-NAME -- Update list of bank accounts available through this connection
  connections list_connections -- List the connections
  connections show_connection -- Show the status of a bank connection
  connections list_offered_bank_accounts CONNECTION-NAME -- List bank accounts hosted at one connection

  accounts task_schedule ACCOUNT-NAME --task-name NAME --task-cronspec SPEC --task-type TYPE [--task-param-range-type TYPE] [--task-param-level LEVEL] -- Schedule a new task
  accounts task_status ACCOUNT-NAME --task-name NAME -- Show the status of a task
  accounts task_delete ACCOUNT-NAME --task-name NAME -- Delete a task
  accounts list-tasks -- List all the configured tasks
  accounts show -- Show accounts belonging to calling user
  accounts prepare_payment ACCOUNT-NAME --creditor-iban IBAN [--creditor-bic BIC] --creditor-name NAME --payment-amount CURRENCY:X.Y --payment-subject STRING -- Prepare payment initiation debiting the account
  accounts submit_payment ACCOUNT-NAME --payment-uuid UUID -- Submit a payment initiation
  accounts show_payment ACCOUNT-NAME --payment-uuid UUID -- Show status of a payment initiation
  accounts list_payments ACCOUNT-NAME -- List payment initiations
  accounts delete_payment ACCOUNT-NAME --payment-uuid UUID -- Delete a payment initiation
? accounts fetch_transactions ACCOUNT-NAME --range-type TYPE --level LEVEL -- Fetch transactions from the bank
  accounts transactions ACCOUNT-NAME [--compact | --no-compact] -- Get transactions from the simplified nexus JSON API

  facades list -- List active facades in the Nexus
  facades new-anastasis-facade CONNECTION-NAME ACCOUNT-NAME --facade-name NAME --currency CUR -- Create a new Anastasis facade
  facades new-taler-wire-gateway-facade CONNECTION-NAME ACCOUNT-NAME --facade-name NAME --currency CUR -- Create a new Taler Wire Gateway facade

  sandbox check -- Check sandbox status

  sandbox ebicshost create --host-id ID -- Create an EBICS host
  sandbox ebicshost list -- List EBICS hosts

  sandbox ebicssubscriber create --host-id ID --partner-id ID --user-id ID -- Create an EBICS subscriber
  sandbox ebicssubscriber list -- List EBICS subscribers

  sandbox ebicsbankaccount create --iban IBAN --bic BIC --person-name NAME --account-name NAME --ebics-user-id ID --ebics-host-id ID --ebics-partner-id ID -- Create a bank account for a EBICS subscriber

  sandbox demobank new-transaction --bank-account LABEL --payto-with-subject PAYTO --amount CURRENCY:X.Y -- Initiate a new transaction
  sandbox demobank info --bank-account LABEL -- Return basic information of a bank account
  sandbox demobank register -- Register a new bank account
  sandbox demobank new-ebicssubscriber --host-id ID --partner-id ID --user-id ID --bank-account LABEL -- Associate a new Ebics subscriber to a existing bank account

  sandbox bankaccoun list -- List accounts
  sandbox bankaccount transactions ACCOUNT-LABEL -- List transactions
  sandbox bankaccount generate-transactions ACCOUNT-LABEL -- Generate test transactions
  sandbox bankaccount simulate_incoming_transaction ACCOUNT-NAME [--debtor-iban IBAN] [--debtor-bic BIC] [--debtor-name NAME] [--amount X.Y] --subject STRING -- Book an incoming payment in the sandbox
command-line-possibilities (4,652 bytes)   


2022-01-17 18:07

developer   ~0018637

Actually, it would be nice to have manpages for all libeufin programs, i.e., libeufin-{sandbox,nexus,cli}.


2022-01-19 11:15

developer   ~0018640

I've started the libeufin-sandbox manpage:

@MS PTAL when you get a chance.


2022-01-19 11:18

developer   ~0018641

I'm looking to clarify the libeufin-sandbox interaction model.
When you have a moment, could you take a look at the new (wip) manpage and let me know if i'm on the right track?


2022-01-19 13:20

developer   ~0018642

@MS Another question:


2022-01-25 00:22

developer   ~0018663

I've just pushed the manpage for libeufin-sandbox(1).

Here are the relevant commits:
5adcf79 2022-01-24 New manpage: libeufin-sandbox(1)
01281b4 2022-01-24 add FIXME for ‘make-transaction’ and ‘camt053tick’
fcf97f5 2022-01-24 write ‘camt053tick’ description, including example
41f40cc 2022-01-24 fix typo: s/that/for/
45b63d0 2022-01-24 write ‘make-transaction’ description
4dc26e1 2022-01-24 replace question to MS w/ blurb on Control-C
a41b104 2022-01-24 replace FIXME w/ libeufin-cli
4432884 2022-01-24 mention direct-access operation mode
21f1f6b 2022-01-24 document automagic ‘default’ demobank creation for ‘make-transaction’ and ‘serve’
8de9a0e 2022-01-24 write ‘default-exchange’ description, including example
7bfee7b 2022-01-24 write ‘config’ description, including example
d6d3763 2022-01-24 reorder command ‘config’ before ‘default-exchange’
f770a37 2022-01-19 s/core banking system/banking system core/g
edec0fd 2022-01-19 describe ‘serve’ in libeufin-sandbox(1)
5c02597 2022-01-19 describe ‘reset-tables’ in libeufin-sandbox(1)
bcd5ada 2022-01-19 new WIP manpage: libeufin-sandbox(1)

Feedback welcome!

Now on to libeufin-nexus(1)...


2022-01-26 12:21

developer   ~0018671

The libeufin-nexus(1) manpage is now available:


Now on to the big one: libeufin-cli(1)!


2022-02-02 06:25

developer   ~0018677

After some discussion w/ MS, i've come to a better understanding (maybe) of the Access API as it
relates to the LIBEUFIN_SANDBOX_URL env var. To help the documentation effort, i've pushed:


IIUC, non-Acess-API commands will go away at some point. So, i wonder if it makes sense to document
them at all. My question is: Is there a timeframe planned for their removal?


2022-02-02 07:39

reporter   ~0018678

I'd discourage to document those: both in the manpage and in various tutorials.
They'll be removed once TypeScript tests (at wallet-core.git) won't use them anymore.
No defined timeframe but now reported here: 0007168


2022-02-10 10:37

developer   ~0018692

OK, i'm taking a detour from the libeufin-cli(1) manpage to fix up the "configuring the sandbox" section in the Nexus tutorial:


Currently, here are the libeufin-cli sandbox commands used in that section:
  - cli sandbox check
  - cli sandbox ebicshost create
  - cli sandbox ebicshost list
  - cli sandbox ebicssubscriber create
  - cli sandbox ebicssubscriber list
  - cli sandbox ebicsbankaccount create
  - cli sandbox bankaccount generate-transactions
  - cli sandbox bankaccount simulate-incoming-transaction
  - cli sandbox bankaccount transactions

Of these, i'm trying to determine which are "old" commands (to be replaced by 'libeufin-cli sandbox demobank' commands, perhaps).
I guess the "... create" commands are "old", but the "... list" commands are going to stay. Is that correct?
My question generally is: Which of those are "old"?

Christian Grothoff

2022-08-25 21:30

manager   ~0019055

MS: can you please try to help ttn with this?

Antoine A

2023-12-15 13:12

developer   ~0020760

libeufin-bank and libeufin-nexus have man pages:

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