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0007146GNUnetmessenger servicepublic2022-03-15 19:34
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Summary0007146: messenger-cli and messenger-gtk feature request: integrate with GNUnet conversation
DescriptionGNUnet conversation exists in a standalone manner, but it feels to me like an obvious place to have it available is on messenger(cli or gtk): there we already manage contacts and "text conversations", so it makes sense to have in there the option to also start a "conversation" (secure voice communication, as defined in the description of Conversation).
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2022-01-11 15:48

developer   ~0018629

This is definitely something I have though about. Conversation relies on GNS more heavily than the messenger service at the moment but both have a common dependency with the IDENTITY service and its EGOs as accounts/identities. So adding an integration of conversation to those applications requires libgnunetchat to utilize GNS for contact management (which is something I already plan to implement) and the IDENTITY service need to be used to aquire the users EGO (because this is only visible to the messenger service for now, not to libgnunetchat).

For now the core functionality is texting and sending files because I'm working on the things given to NLnet as requirements to complete functionality ( ).

A brief list of features libgnunetchat needs is the following:
- transmitting files (WIP)
- discover contacts (WIP)
- exchange/verify contacts (WIP)
- open private chats (works)
- create group chats (works)

messenger-gtk and messenger-cli are effectively only the interfaces to this library.


2022-03-15 19:34

developer   ~0018799

This feature could be implemented in current state, I think because I managed to integrate using the namestore and GNS for contact management and exchange. So it's not really more complicated than opening a conversation connection, potentially reusing peer information from the messenger room records.

I will still focus on the core functionality for now. Because a feature like this would definitely some additional UI changes for sure to be usable inside the application.

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