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0007136GNUnetDHT servicepublic2022-02-26 23:10
Reporterschanzen Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Target Version0.16.0Fixed in Version0.16.0 
Summary0007136: Distance metric update
DescriptionWe had offline discussions wrt the distance metric. Currently it is measured as uint64_t.
I _think_ we said we want to change this to 512 bit (HashCode, same length as keys to compare) and use a more basic XOR metric.



2021-12-31 15:18

administrator   ~0018612

Last edited: 2021-12-31 15:19

I also think the function definition is currently flawed and can be misunderstood:
The "bucket" argument is not really referring to a bucket, but an offset to check.
The get_distance() is preceded in the code by a matching_bits() call in order to find a "bucket":

Now, IF matching_bits() is more efficient to call than the loop from index 0 in get_distance() we should do that, of course. But in get_distance()!
Because a caller may assume the get_distance() "bucket" argument has actually something to do with buckets and will never know that instead of calling find_bucket() the matching_bits() function must be called to get an offset.

It is just bad function signature design.

I propose to simplify the get_distance() function to ONLY take two keys as argument.

Christian Grothoff

2022-01-03 14:39

manager   ~0018624

I believe this has been resolved.


2022-02-26 23:10

administrator   ~0018742

0.16.0 released

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