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0007041Talerwallet (WebExtension)public2022-11-04 20:53
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Summary0007041: remove the "accept tos" in the withdrawal, create an "add exchange" wizard
DescriptionAll the exchange management looks like:

    complex (I the sense that the user needs to take into account a lot of information with small details),
    important (this decision will persist over the time and it may not be intuitive how to change it or that the user has the ability to change it)
    big (there the privacy policy, terms of service and different fees)
    not related to the normal userflow (adding exchange should be not a common operation of the user)

Our current solution is taking into account the terms of service but it should also display the privacy policy, the fee structure and the audit condition of the exchange.

My proposal is to remove the in-place "accept ToS" of the exchange and move it to a wizard form and just leave a select input for the known-and-all-good exchanges. All good means that there is not issue that need the user attention.

Adding the exchange then will be a wizard like procedure, with the objective to solve the previously described problems:

    complex: the wizard will give space to show explanation to the user about whats going on
    important: being the opposite of put-an-url-and-done will make the user think twice before adding
    big: we can use part of the wizard to show how fee is going to apply in the future, how long the coins are going to last, how is privacy protected and tell them to backup

If the exchange changes its pp, tos or fee we can jump in into the correct step of the wizard.


Adding an exchange can be as easy as put-an-url-and-go and this solutions will make the user "waste" more time and energy, but I think it worth it.

What could we do for pre-filled exchanges? I think that it should also go through the whole wizard procedure but with the benefit that user won't need to type anything, just read and click.

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Christian Grothoff

2021-10-18 14:25

manager   ~0018439

I disagree. Most users should never manually add exchanges, but we do need them to explicitly (!) agree to the ToS. Thus, we need to do this inline during the _first_ withdrawal process at an exchange. I'd not show the privacy policy (that's not required), and showing the fees is a different dialog that is always on, not only if the ToS changed or it is a first-time user. Making the privacy policy -only- accessible via the exchange list (where we can add exchanges) is fine.


2021-10-28 20:35

developer   ~0018449

> Most users should never manually add exchanges, but we do need them to explicitly (!) agree to the ToS


> Thus, we need to do this inline during the _first_ withdrawal process at an exchange

It should be in the _first_ withdrawal process yes, thanks convenient.
I don't see why it must be inline. For the reason I've posted above trying to do it in just one screen will make it hard to understand (too much information) and IMHO a step-by-step wizard should work better.
I assume that this process is not very common, user is mostly using the same exchange service.


2021-11-25 22:04

developer   ~0018545

Adding a new exchange should make clear to the user that is accepting:
 * privacy policy
 * terms
 * pricing for deposits, withdrawal, getting change (refresh) and refund
 * duration of the coin (3 different duration)

This wizard can have the feature of being automatically simplified if the exchange has a simpler configuration like no pricing or all of the coins having the same duration.
Duration is important because the user may have configured the wallet to have a backup (like 1 year or greater) which may be useless if the coins last a few months.

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