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0006992Talerlibeufin-nexuspublic2023-09-03 18:10
ReporterChristian Grothoff Assigned ToAntoine A  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
Target Version0.9.6 
Summary0006992: need new "generic-credit" facade
DescriptionFor Anastasis, we need a new Facade of LibEuFin where we can _only_ poll for incoming credits into the account.
In contrast to the existing taler-exchange facade, the wire transfer subjects can be arbitrary strings and not only reserve public keys.

Please implement the respective facade and specify a REST API for it (based on the existing exchange facade API). The main difference should be that it returns an unrestricted "const char */String" for the wire subject.

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related to 0006363 closedChristian Grothoff allow merchants to query more information about the deposit status 


Christian Grothoff

2021-08-27 23:15

manager   ~0018138

I think this is fixed, at least I'm happy with what I got ;-). Marcello: unless the facade is completely fake and only works with sandbox, you should probably 'resolve' this one :-)

Christian Grothoff

2023-04-13 20:43

manager   ~0020092

We may want to rename it from anastasis to 'generic-credit' or something like that?

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