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0006363Talermechant backendpublic2021-01-30 23:58
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Summary0006363: allow merchants to query more information about the deposit status
DescriptionQuoting from the e-mail discussion:

>> I'm not really sure what to do there in practice, as "Taler 1.0" doesn't
>> really have any way for the merchant to ask about the status of the
>> transfer other than trying to call the exchange.
> Well, we do have:
> We could easily add a HTTP "Failed Dependency" status code to the API
> here and define a message format to indicate details about the problem
> to the merchant (and prescribe resolution strategies).
> This would mostly require another taler-exchange-XXX process to _query_
> LibEuFin for R-transactions, *and* a change to the exchange DB schema.
> More messy: this will require additional changes to the merchant
> backend. Please file a bug on this on Mantis, but I think we should
> target Taler v1.5 for this, given the scope of the changes and need for
> testing -- and the hopefully reasonably low likelihood of occurrence. At
> least I think we should be fine to manually handle the first generation
> of complaints for R-transactions, and that might even be better than
> trying to automate a process where we may not fully understand all the
> ways these things fail in practice.
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Christian Grothoff

2020-07-06 11:00

manager   ~0016388

Some status information is now provided ('wired'), alas automatically querying LibEuFin for transactions as _merchant_ is missing: right now, the merchant has to manually POST incoming transactions to the backend.

Writing a taler-merchant-wirewatch tool should be done, but later.

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