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Summary0006985: FAQ: double spending
Descriptionsomeone complained that they did not find information how taler solves double spending


i'm not sure if that is important enough to be added to the FAQ, but it should be documented somewhere. seems to be a relevant questions for people coming from cryptocurrencies
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2021-08-07 16:38

developer   ~0018084

Taking a look at '2.6.2. Database Scheme' on double spending seems to be self-understanding and no matter for the FAQs.

In fact, the German translation on the FAQ web site depicts the scenario clearly by stating:
Was ist, wenn mein Computer gehackt wurde?
Im Fall eines Einbruchs in die Geräte können tatsächlich Coins aus Taler-Wallets ausgegeben werden. Wurde ein Coin ausgegeben, ist das Coin entwertet. Wer es zuerst ausgibt, verfügt über den bewegten Geldwert. Es bietet sich daher an, den Bestand regelmäßig zu kontrollieren, um einen eventuellen Verlust zeitnah festzustellen.

I can imagine it a good idea to extend the English original text:
What if my computer is hacked?
In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can spend coins from your wallet. In case a coin has been spent, this coin cannot be spent a second time. When a payee deposits a coin its value is irrevocably conveyed to the banking account of the payee.
Checking your balance might reveal to you that your device has been compromised.

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