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0006968GNUnetotherpublic2021-08-01 11:06
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned To 
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Summary0006968: Debian package improvements
DescriptionThe current Debian package for GNUnet needs a few improvements. I'm filing this bug to keep track of them.

* User/group names should probably not be dynamic. I don't know any other Debian package that has variable user names. It just makes things more complex.

* Configuration files dynamically generated to /etc/ are just overwritten on each install. That's unacceptable, as it might overwrite user changes. We need to use the standard ucf tooling so that Debian manages configuration files on upgrades properly.

* We are currently installing systemd system unit files *dynamically* to /etc/, instead of using debhelper facilities.

* We are currently installiny systemd user unit files manually. This means that every user who logs in will auto"magically" run a GNUnet peer.

* We don't seem to use dpkg-statoverride correctly. We check with "dpkg-statoverride --list", but then don't use statoverride to *change* the permissions permanently.

* The insert_gns logic seems buggy, considering that "set -e" is set. The error handling part will never be executed, but the script will just be stopped.

* The whole NSS setup logic should IMHO only be executed when the user explicitly requested so via debconf.
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