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0006964Talerwallet (WebExtension)public2022-11-04 20:52
Reporterbelen Assigned Tosebasjm  
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Target Version0.9Fixed in Version0.9 
Summary0006964: Extension provides no hint when Taler action detected
DescriptionIf I don't have the "automatically open wallet based on page content" permission enabled, it's very hard for me to know when a Taler action has been detected in a page. I must open the Taler extension to find out. If I don't, I will miss the Taler action.

The extension should provide a visual cue whenever a Taler action is detected and the "automatically open wallet" permission is disabled.
Steps To Reproduce1. install the web extension, leaving the permission to automatically open the wallet based on page content unselected
2. Go to the demo bank and start a withdrawal

Outcome: nothing changes in the extension to tell me that a Taler action has been detected in the withdrawal page.

Expected outcome: the extension should provide a visual cue to tell me that something requires my attention.
Additional InformationThere are a couple of approaches we could take for this:

1. Display some kind of badge in the Taler extension icon. For examples of this approach, see uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and Cookie Autodelete extensions (see attached file addon_feedback.png).

2. Display an overlay somewhere in the browser, for instance the right-hand side. For an example of this approach, see the Unpaywall extension. It displays a green, open padlock if a free version of an academic paper exists. Clicking the padlock brings you to that free version in a new browser tab (see attached file unpaywall_overlay.png).

Happy to discuss approaches before coming up with a design.

Found on Firefox Version 90.0 for Ubuntu (21.04)
Commit: 37031700d094d2e281529b937f196b65a0f83f2e
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2022-04-29 20:49

developer   ~0018899

fixed at 5e7be5865888393fbf3e00ed76a556bb4f0ace66

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