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0006949Talerdocumentationpublic2021-08-11 11:52
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Summary0006949: inventory use-cases should be properly described in merchant backend manual
DescriptionThe manual should properly describe the inventory management use-case (limited stocks), and how to use product locks (when customer is building shopping cart), as well as order locks (once shopping cart is "complete") and the auto-unlocking (see 0006937).
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2021-08-11 05:34

developer   ~0018096

(particularly, the FIXME).

Christian Grothoff

2021-08-11 09:17

manager   ~0018098

FIXME: I would say that the product locks expire after a given time if they are not transferred into an order lock, and the order locks expire when the offer to the customer expires without payment. There is not really any 'event' other than time that would remove the locks.


2021-08-11 11:52

developer   ~0018099

Some recent commits, ending w/ "simplify":
2789962 2021-08-11 simplify; swap out old FIXME for new FIXME
f357f26 2021-08-11 link to ‘Reverse proxy configuration’
eaab49e 2021-08-11 replace hyphen between ‘reverse’ and ‘proxy’ with space
552ceeb 2021-08-11 add a pair of identical FIXMEs: "What about 40[34] swizzling? (0006944)"
Direct link:

Anyway, the new FIXME should be the last one in this file.

On to "how to use locks" documentation....

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