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0006916GNUnetcore servicepublic2021-07-24 10:58
Reporterbaseball11 Assigned Tothejackimonster  
Status resolvedResolutionopen 
Product VersionGit master 
Target Version0.15.0Fixed in VersionGit master 
Summary0006916: Unabled to use GNUNet Library with C++.
Descriptionstruct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody
(In file: src/include/gnunet_messenger_service.h)
's member variables using C++ reserved words(delete and private)

Because of this It's impossible to use gnunet library with C++ (Cause compile error).

I tried to commit, but I don't seem to have an access to the repository, so I post this here.

Thank you.

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2021-07-17 21:14

developer   ~0017994

This should be fixed now with following commit:

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