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0006912Talermechant backendpublic2021-07-13 06:49
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Summary0006912: reported transfer in instance $X from a order created in instance $Y
Descriptionthis was tested in demo:
1.- create and pay an order from instance named sebasjm
2.- wait for the bank the exchange to send the wire transfer
3.- go to backoffice and notifiy the transfer but from another instance (my case was from default instance)
4.- transfer gets verified, get listed into transfers list from the default instance
5.- checked that is not listed in the transfer list of the sebasjm instance

note1: account payto differ, since this was from another instance with another payto uri. from this I assume that it will be a good addition to check the payto URI
note2: the order still get the information from the wire transfer, even if it was notified by another instance. which should not happen

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