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0006899Talerotherpublic2021-06-10 14:30
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Summary0006899: merchant and bank require expensive computation on every API call with authorization
DescriptionBoth the merchant and the bank uses hashed+salted passwords for API authentication.

Unlike with human users, where the authentication check is done once at login (and then only a signed cookie is verified), checking a password for *every* request is rather expensive.

We could:
* move to plain text API keys
* cache hashes of successful logins in memory

As a further complication in the pybank, we need to somehow work around the built-in django authentication system and do our own checks.
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Christian Grothoff

2021-06-10 14:30

manager   ~0017946

What I do not get is that usually (in a good design), the (expensive) hash should be done on the client-side ONLY. After all, the HASH is what should be sent over the network, and a HASH of the password/passphrase is what we should store locally on the server-side. So why is this a problem in the first place?

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