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0006696Talerdocumentationpublic2023-12-22 14:35
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToAntoine A  
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Summary0006696: discuss better structure for LibEuFin docs
DescriptionThe LibEuFin docs are currently pretty chaotic. We should come up with a better structure.

I guess there are three different target audiences for the docs:
* Operators of LibEuFin (who want to use it with Taler)
* Developers who want to use the LibEuFin API
* Core Developers of LibEuFin ("internal stuff, documented in public")
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related to 0007147 resolvedAntoine A libeufin-{sandbox,nexus,cli} needs a manpage 



2021-01-29 19:42

developer   ~0017449

Well, the HOWTO (tutorial) is clearly targeted at the Operator audience. I don't know what the distinction is between the other two audience groups are, however.


2021-02-02 21:34

developer   ~0017490

Applicable not just to Libeufin, but all Taler documentation:


2021-08-11 04:55

developer   ~0018093

Please see recent commits in docs.git/libeufin/*.rst --
the "target audience" can be "operator", "developer", "core developer".
(Feel free to add/correct my guesses.)


2022-01-12 02:25

developer   ~0018632

Just managed to "manually" build/install libeufin. When i tried to run libeufin-cli, i saw an error:

 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'click'

This makes sense since i don't have that module installed on my system (yet).
Anyway, we should probably document these runtime dependencies, and additionally
make sure the Debian packaging declares them so that they are installed automatically.

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