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0006696Talerdocumentationpublic2021-08-11 04:55
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Summary0006696: discuss better structure for LibEuFin docs
DescriptionThe LibEuFin docs are currently pretty chaotic. We should come up with a better structure.

I guess there are three different target audiences for the docs:
* Operators of LibEuFin (who want to use it with Taler)
* Developers who want to use the LibEuFin API
* Core Developers of LibEuFin ("internal stuff, documented in public")
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2021-01-29 19:42

developer   ~0017449

Well, the HOWTO (tutorial) is clearly targeted at the Operator audience. I don't know what the distinction is between the other two audience groups are, however.


2021-02-02 21:34

developer   ~0017490

Applicable not just to Libeufin, but all Taler documentation:


2021-08-11 04:55

developer   ~0018093

Please see recent commits in docs.git/libeufin/*.rst --
the "target audience" can be "operator", "developer", "core developer".
(Feel free to add/correct my guesses.)

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