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0006549Talerwallet (Android App)public2021-08-24 16:23
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned Togrote  
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Target Version0.8Fixed in Version0.8 
Summary0006549: support the harmonized error detail format
DescriptionWe've now harmonized on the following error format across all components:

// (was TalerErrorDetails, but that's confusing)
export interface TalerErrorInfo {
  code: number;
  hint?: string;
  message?: string;
  details?: unknown;

The wallet-core uses this format in v0.7.1-dev.23

What needs to be updated is:
* wallet-core documentation
* Android implementation
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2020-09-01 15:46

developer   ~0016802

Is this replacing WalletErrorInfo or is this the 'details' of WalletErrorInfo?

Btw. the datails of TalerErrorDetails still have an unknown type.

Florian Dold

2020-09-01 15:55

manager   ~0016804

Ah, maybe it's not a good idea to call it TalerErrorDetails then, that's confusing. How about TalerErrorInfo? The TalerErrorInfo contains the details.

(That's just for the documentation though, this name will never appear in the actual messages.)

This affects both the WalletErrorInfo and the TransactionError. They're both TalerErrorInfo now. Other Taler services (exchange, merchant, bank) return / should return TalerErrorInfo (right now, some of them do not include the "details" object yet, but instead pull various details to the top-level).

The details field will in general be of type "unknown", but we will narrow down the type for certain error codes. I.e. there will be definitions like

interface FooErrorInfo extends TalerErrorInfo {
  code: 424242,
  details: FooErrorDetails;

interface FooErrorDetails {
  spam: number;
  eggs: string[];


2020-09-01 16:01

developer   ~0016805

Just to be sure I understand what is going on. The former WalletErrorInfo has changed and is replaced by the new TalerErrorDetails (or now TalerErrorInfo)? Right?

Florian Dold

2020-09-01 16:03

manager   ~0016806

Yes. The same goes for the TransactionError: It has been replaced by TalerErrorInfo.

(The motivation for this is that we should have only one "error info format" across the whole Taler project.)


2020-09-01 16:34

developer   ~0016808

ok, implemented in the android app in c928b458

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