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0006485GNUnetGNSpublic2020-11-14 09:57
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Target Version0.14.0Fixed in Version0.14.0 
Summary0006485: GNS crypto agility
DescriptionWe should make the GNS crypto agile against the zone key.
Currently, we use a "PKEY" record type which is defined as an ECDSA public key that corresponds to the ECDSA private key of the zone.

The GNS crypto uses hierarchical deterministic key derivation (HDKD) to derive zone signing keys from the label and the private key.
Similarly, public keys are derived for signature verification.

Aside from ECDSA, other schemes have been proposed which could be used such as:

BIP32-Ed25519 (Blockchain wallet-approach):
Jeff Burdgess-approach:

GNS should allow other delegation record types (e.g. "PKEY2") for other schemes.
For this, we need to change wire formats to accomodate crypto agility (different types of zone keys).


related to 0006486 closedschanzen Implement another GNS crypto scheme 



2020-10-28 13:08

administrator   ~0017044

Implemented and documented as part of LSD0001


2020-11-14 09:57

administrator   ~0017139

0.14.0 released

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