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0006474Talermechant backendpublic2021-08-24 16:23
Reporterjonathanbuchanan Assigned Tojonathanbuchanan  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.8Fixed in Version0.8 
Summary0006474: increase refund does not work after first time
DescriptionIf an order is refunded, and then the refund is increased again after the first refund, the request to increase the refund succeeds, but the income is not shown when querying the merchant for the order.
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Christian Grothoff

2020-08-13 00:53

manager   ~0016596

Some corner cases with respect to refund increases (for the same coin!) have now been fixed in the exchange.


2020-08-15 02:18

developer   ~0016633

This seems to be fixed as of 5e9a041. If it crops up again, will reopen.

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