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0006367libeufinnexuspublic2020-06-18 21:50
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Summary0006367: improve the way payments aren't submitted more than once
DescriptionThe current code marks a payments as submitted BEFORE submitting it, therefore if the program stops executing between the flagging and the actual submission, then such payment will NEVER be submitted.

Happens here:
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2020-06-17 12:14

manager   ~0016291

Last edited: 2020-06-17 12:17

The real condition to stop submitting a payment is when it never got confirmed by the bank as a outgoing transaction (or clearly after such confirmation arrives). But at the same time, the payment should not get submitted again until one of the two conditions above happens.

So this flagging is not completely wrong, I would say.


2020-06-17 14:11

manager   ~0016292

It's not bad to submit a payment multiple times as its ID will be the same and the bank will just ignore it.

Florian Dold

2020-06-18 21:50

manager   ~0016303

Payments are not marked as submitted *after* submitting them.

Furthermore, we tested with GLS: The combination of (messageID, paymentInformationId) is used for de-duplication.

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