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0006238Talerdeployment and operationspublic2020-05-15 08:42
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Summary0006238: Outdated example in deployment master
DescriptionThe deployment instructions[0] invite to commit and push the most recent when deploying a new version or, respectively, when trying to set up a local deployment, use the most recent version available on git as a version known to work. However, while the template[1] contains all relevant variables, the most recent example[2] is lacking the "tag_sync" variable. I'm just trying the most recent stable tag from the tag overview of the sync repo[3] now but it might be helpful to people who try to set up a local deployment to include a more recent example that points to a combination of all the relevant components that is known to work.

In case I'm misreading the doc, I'd kindly invite someone to correct my expectations.

Steps To Reproducegit clone ~/deployment
cp ~/deployment/envcfg/ ~/
./deployment/bin/taler-deployment bootstrap
Additional InformationSeems to work continue past the original error with:
git clone ~/deployment
cp ~/deployment/envcfg/ ~/ && echo 'tag_sync = "v0.7.0"' >> ~/
./deployment/bin/taler-deployment bootstrap
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