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0006134Talerdocumentationpublic2020-03-23 12:56
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Summary0006134: configuration file format is insufficiently documented in GNUnet and Taler
DescriptionThere is no place other than the source code that comprehensively defines the configuration file format.

The GNUnet man page has some bits, but is very specific to GNUnet. It doesn't mention the include mechanism, and the format is underspecified. For example:

* "Boolean values are given as "YES" and "NO"."
 => the manpage doesn't mention anything about case (in)sensitivity

* "Empty lines and lines beginning with a "#" are treated as comments."
 => What about comment lines that begin with a whitespace? Are they allowed?
 => How is whitespace handled in *front* of option names and section names?

* "A section contains a number of options of the form "OPTION=VALUE""
 => What lexical syntax does "OPTION" have? Does it allow whitespace, like many ini parsers do?

The GNUnet handbook isn't any more helpful. The Taler documentation and man pages also don't contain sufficient information.

The variable substitution syntax isn't explained properly either.

How string quotes work and if there are any escape symbols isn't clear from the docs.

Neither is the include mechanism.
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