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0006019libmicrohttpdlibmicrohttpd APIpublic2019-12-28 18:39
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Product Version0.9.69 
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Summary0006019: request api to check whether mhd connection object still live (tcp socket still connected)
DescriptionFor a multithreaded server where the mhd handlers may block & do longwinded work, it could be beneficial to be able to poll or be told that the underlying tcp connection has been broken by a client going away. That way it can abort this work in progress. The closest thing I could find so far is to get the connection fd via MHD_get_connection_info(MHD_CONNECTION_INFO_CONNECTION_FD), switch the fd into nonblocking mode, then do a trial recv(MSG_PEEK) against it, then restore previous state. If this logic is plausible, it may be useful enough to put it into the api proper.
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