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0005927GNUnetGNSpublic2019-10-10 18:30
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Summary0005927: GNS/nss plugin fails on invalid IDN names
DescriptionWhen using a video downloading utility I became aware of some "interesting" domain names...

eg. ''

Haven't looked into it much, but apparently google isn't the only one using domains like this breaking the "double-hyphen" standard.

With the nss plugin enabled:

`' is not a valid domain name"

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related to 0005922 new Switch label processing to UTF-8 



2019-10-10 15:37

developer   ~0014992

Looking at the code it is not GNS that nags here, but libidn. This simply is not a valid domain name for IDNA-aware applications (or resolvers in this case).
See second paragraph.


2019-10-10 16:19

developer   ~0014993

Also this seems to be a specific issue with IDN2. It works for IDN1.


2019-10-10 18:29

developer   ~0014994

For LSD001, this check will likely be removed alltogether.

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