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0005896GNUnettransport servicepublic2021-02-28 13:39
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Summary0005896: investigate if we can drop or replace our bundled ieee80211_radiotap.h depending in systems we build on
Descriptionour bundled src/transport/ieee80211_radiotap.h which hasn't been touched for ~10 years is very close to the original import of this work which started in NetBSD (as net80211/ieee80211_radiotap.h etc) and was imported in Linux as net/ieee80211_radiotap.h.

this ticket serves to remind me to find a solution for this, however hybrid or not. ideally the file can be dropped.



2019-10-26 11:05

reporter   ~0015027

Note for myself:
This is conditional, depending on Kconfig values which can be set on a range of systems, but can also not exist on others.

I will look into how this can be solved conditionally.

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