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0005872TalerWeb site(s)public2019-09-17 14:02
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Summary0005872: improve and verify texts on website
DescriptionFrom 0005287 : we probably should go together over all of the English text again to polish it a bit before giving it out for translation at scale.
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2019-09-03 22:09

developer   ~0014847

related: I recommend to turn off everything but English until we have a proper translation. The moment we merge master into stable and have no fix for the translations, it will leave a bad impression for those who get automatically redirected to their browser/OS set language sites.


2019-09-03 22:11

developer   ~0014848

I'll go ahead and comment the sections next monday, unless you have reasons not to do this.

Christian Grothoff

2019-09-04 07:00

manager   ~0014849

Sounds reasonable.


2019-09-04 19:20

developer   ~0014856

From a usertest, on the front page: "What does this mean, 'Not a new currency!' ?"


2019-09-07 23:02

reporter   ~0014874

> related: I recommend to turn off everything but English until we have a proper translation

I would like to second this. The French translation includes what looks like jokes about the members on the Team page.

Better hide this for the moment!


2019-09-14 12:41

developer   ~0014902

Those are not jokes but the translation is way off because of how much changed in the website (almost a rewrite of the texts and positions). We have the same issue on the gnunet website in some places.

Thanks for pointint this out.


2019-09-17 14:02

developer   ~0014910

rabassi, grothoff: done, merging into stable now.

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