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0005862Talerotherpublic2019-11-14 22:35
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Product Version0.6 
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Summary0005862: date format is weird and unnecessary
DescriptionParsing and creating it is annoying. There is no real reason for the weird

  stamp_expire: "/Date(123234)/"


Either we shoud use a number, a string, or some actual JSON wrapper, like

  stamp_expire: { timestamp_sec: 1234 }

which would be easier to parse and generate, and convey the same information with less weirdness.
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Christian Grothoff

2019-09-06 02:12

manager   ~0014868

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Hmm. I thought the current "/Date(X)/" had been created based on quite *extensive* discussions between us, with you basically pushing for exactly this format for various JS-related reasons (and other constraints).
Addendum: [1] was the original reasoning.

Reasons why we don't just have a number is that it is unclear: is it a time?, also relative time vs. absolute time, and which unit (seconds, nanoseconds, etc.).

Reasons to not use the nested JSON like timestamp_sec include it being even longer, and not really simplifying parsing.

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