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Summary0005837: [RFC] Ring-based groupchat (serverless)
DescriptionFor the first release we should design and implement a protocols for establishing a ring topology. This is one of the simplest topologies that can be decentralized and self-organized. It would allow us to eliminate the server peer and conduct experiments with message relaying in real-world network conditions.

- Purely p2p, no "super nodes"
- high availability of groups (99,95% downtime as a rough estimate)

- the pure p2p structure is achieved by sending group messages over cadet connections organized as a ring topology
- high availability is achieved by to measures:
  - the topology is enriched by more links skipping direct neighbours to improve the reliability of message delivery
  - it's recommended that at least one group member runs a peer always on
- group members use a distributed state

State Information:
- group ID
- group name
- list of members
- list of group owners (just a flag in the member list)

Process: Create group
- group owner creates group ID and stores given group name
- group owner adds given peer IDs as new group members
- group members are sent an invitation message per cadet with the state information
- group members send ack over group topology (or: back over cadet)

Process: Send a message
- create a message, create a message ID (random number), optionally a pointer to a previous message if desired
- send a message to the next available group member following in the ordered list
- receiving group member sends an ack back
- the message is forwarded to the whole group and back to the sender who thereby gets a pseudo group confirmation

Process: Add new group member
- group owner sends invitation message per cadet containing the state information
- new group member acknowledges membership by sending ack over group links (or back over cadet)
- group owner sends new message with status information to group members

Process: Disjoin (go offline)
- group member just goes offline (FIXME: would be nice to have status information, thus notify)

Process: Rejoin (go online)
- group member requests state information from next group members in the ordered list
- group member updates its state and can then send messages

Process: join group
- new peer sends join request at known group member
- join request is forwarded to group owner
- group owner decides on request; if positive, group owner sends an invitation message to the new peer

Process: leave group
- group member sends leave message
- group owner sends new message with status information to group members

- Scalability
- Reliability
- Latency
- Multicast tree topology is more efficient than ring topology
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2019-08-27 22:37

manager   ~0014819

Let's try a pattern of self-organization which is proposal making.

1. round: Present proposal/RFC (hereby done).
2. round: ask questions and get clarifications. Repeat if there are more questions.
3. round: make suggestions for improvement. The initiators will try to integrate those suggestions (or objections).
4. step: Obtain consent for a first sprint and celebrate :-)

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